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深圳市点金贵金属精炼有限公司 供应链管理政策

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Shenzhen Point Gold Refining Co., Ltd.

Supply Chain Management Policy for Responsible Sourcing of Gold and Silver


Shenzhen Point Gold Refining Co., Ltd. is a applying for Good Delivery status of of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and has implemented the LBMA RGG and RSG due diligence management system to fully implement the OECD due diligence guidelines for supply chains from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.


To cooperate with the smooth implementation of our LBMA responsible gold/silver due diligence management system, all suppliers shall comply with the requirements of the LBMA responsible gold/silver due diligence management system and promise to identify and manage the following risks involved in the gold/silver supply chain to ensure responsible sourcing of our Company’s gold/silver supply chain:

1、 与黄金白银开采、运输和交易的过程中,系统性或广泛化的侵犯人权的行为,这包括:

1. Systematic or widespread abuses of human rights in the process of mining, transporting and trading with gold/silver, including:

a) 任何形式的酷刑、或不人道和有辱人格的待遇

a) Any form of torture or inhuman and degrading treatment

b) 强迫或强制性劳动

b) Forced or compulsory labor

c) 最恶劣形式的童工

c) The worst forms of child labor

d) 广泛的性暴力或其他严重侵犯人权的行为

d) Widespread sexual violence or other serious abuses of human rights

e) 战争罪,反人类罪或种族灭绝罪;

e) War crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide;

2、 直接或间接的支持非政府武装集团、公共或私人安全部队,购买贵金属或提供协助的(参考OECD冲突影响地区和高风险地区矿产供应链尽职调查指南黄金白银附录中的定义);

2. Purchasing precious metals or assistance for direct or indirect support for non-governmental armed groups, public or private security forces (refer to the definition in the Appendix of gold/silver to Due Diligence Guide for Mineral Supply Chains in Conflict-Affected Areas and High-Risk Areas of OECD);

3、 贿赂而来或者是掩盖黄金白银真实来源;

3. Acquisition of gold/silver through bribery or concealing the origin of platinum or palladium;

4、 物料来源于从受冲突影响和高风险地区时,不遵守矿物的开采、贸易和出口应支付的政府税收、费用和使用费的规定

4.Incompliance with the tax, fees and royalty policies stipulated by the government for mining, trade and exportation from conflict-affected and high risk area.

5、 存在洗钱或恐怖主义融资;

5. Existence of terrorist financing;

6、 存在加剧冲突;

6. Existence of intensified conflicts;

7、 对环境的影响:

7. Impact on the environment:

a) 可能不遵守环境和可持续发展法律要求,开采黄金白银源于世界遗产遗址或国内生态自然保护区;

a) Incompliance with the environmental and sustainable development legal requirements, and the mining of gold/silver from the world heritage sites or domestic ecological nature reserves;

b) 存在矿产资源开发过程中引起的土壤侵蚀、水土流失、土地沙漠化。地面沉降、塌陷,山体崩塌、滑坡、泥石流等地质灾害;

b) Existence of soil erosion, water and soil loss, land desertification, land subsidence, collapse, mountain collapse, landslide, debris flow and other geological disasters arising from the development of mineral resources;

c) 存在废渣、废水、废气排放对水体、土壤、空气的污染。对野生动植物资源和自然地质地貌景观的破坏、危及公民健康和财产损害;

c)  Existence of water, soil and air pollution due to waste residues, wastewater and water gas, destruction of wild animal and plant resources and natural geomorphological landforms, citizens’ health endangered and property loss.

d) 对有毒有害化学物品的安全存储。

d) Safe storage of toxic and harmful chemicals.

8、 对劳工的管理,包括工人的薪酬、工作时间、集体谈判、歧视,多样性、纠纷和工人权益保障;

8. Labor management, including workers’ remuneration, working hours, collective bargaining, discrimination, diversity, disputes and protection of workers’ rights and interests;

9、 社区参与和管理方案

9. Community participation and management plan

10、 管理商业诚信和道德行为,我公司支持并遵守采掘业透明度倡议(EITI)。

10. Management on business integrity and ethical behavior. Our Company supports and complies with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).


In order to ensure the full identification of the above risks, our Company promises and ensures that:


1. The appointed Compliance Risk Director and Compliance Risk Officer of the responsible supply chain are responsible for the risk identification and management of  gold/silver.


2. Each source of gold/silver shall be fully identified and recorded according to the requirements of LBMA to ensure the traceability of each material.


3. It is necessary to establish the identification process of high-risk areas and high-risk supply chain to ensure that the complaint risk in the supply chain is fully identified.


4. The relevant staff responsible for the gold/silver due diligence management system shall be trained on responsible sourcing every year with corresponding training records kept.


5. It is necessary to fully understand and investigate the suppliers of gold/silver to ensure that the suppliers and their ultimate beneficiaries are not included in any sanctions list.



6. A responsible sourcing complaint channel shall be established (Email: gzcx1259@163.com /Tel: 0755-28718483) and posted on the Company’s website to ensure that any potential risks and risks not identified are fully identified.

(website: http://www.kmfgold.com/news/gongsixinwen/111.html)


The Management Policy shall be implemented upon the date of issuance and conveyed to all gold/silver suppliers, and posted on the Company’s website for all stakeholders to review and consult.




Shenzhen Point Gold Refining Co., Ltd.


January 1, 2022